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2020 – “PAT & a stable increase of business”

PlanBit invested heavily in our self-developed Warehouse Management System (WMS) to further support our internal and external processes. Our WMS (called PAT which stands for PlanBit Asset Tracking) enables us to smoothly and accurately process all types of IT equipment and is fully integrated with the external data erasure software to erase all data on all media at security level – 2 according NIST SP800-88 Purge (so called: Enhanced Secure Erase). All sales information from PAT is integrated in our billing and invoicing system.

Next to an increase of our run rate business PlanBit has been awarded for a large mobile phone take back (April / May) and a complex data software installation and assembling order for voting machines.  Our net revenue increased year over year with 20%, whilst cost control measures and process optimization helped us to achieve a healthy EBIT.

In March 2020 PlanBit also achieved the ISO:IEC 27001:2013 accreditation ( information security) which is now fully embedded in our management system.

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