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Q2 2022 – “The PlanBox – 100% Chain of Custody”

With potential data breaches in mind Planbit offers the low-cost solution to overcome the weakest point in the total chain of custody for redundant hardware replacements. PlanBit introduces the secure & sustainable solution for on-site collection and logistics to our processing center. The PlanBox is an ecological collection container and protects your assets against transport damage. It can be used at your (office) location to collect and pack your obsolete assets. Every PlanBox holds an unique transponder with a battery life of 30 days to always follow & define where your PlanBox is. Once your PlanBox is full, you can lock the  box with your personal dial-lock number, and we collect (or swap) your PlanBox. You can always follow in detail the whereabouts. Once it has arrived at our 100% safe and secured processing center – you will mail to your (self-chosen) dial lock number so we can process / data erase all your media.

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