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and sustainable service offering.

Q1 2023 – “PlanBit Goodwill”

Sustainability is one of the most important and urgent topics of our time. Environment Social & Governance (ESG) are the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a company.

PlanBit offers the perfect solution for your company with Goodwill IT to support good projects with the realized revenues from redundand / obsolete IT assets , with the great advantage that you as the original IT owner determine what will happen with these revenues. Of course, we can support schools and welfare institutions with your IT, but you can also support your own projects – whether it’s Giro 555, the ALS foundation, or the charity that fits your CSR policy and current events – PlanBit ensures with Goodwill IT that the proceeds from your IT are managed on a third-party account and can be used directly for the current purpose at all times.

With Goodwill IT we can offer a better, and low-cost alternative for computer donations. Using PlanBit as your trusted partner for your asset recovery service you will make the difference. Join us in our mission to bridge the digital divide and empower communities around the world.

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