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Q4 2022 –   “Record year 2022 – Co2 Savings ” 

PlanBit processed over 120.000 assets in 2022 – of which over 80.000 assets were designated for re-use. In terms of weight (Kg’s) – 250.000 kg’s have been re-used with 88.000 kg’s have been designated for recycling (teardown) and handed off to our recycling partners for further downstream treatment and re-use. With this volume of our clients Planbit processed a Co2 savings equivalent over 3 million Kg’s, 110.000 trees approximately 220 hectare of forest (*)

In our financial year end report, it has been announced that the company’s revenue growth has increased by an impressive 16%. The management team has attributed the success to their strategic planning and implementation of cost-saving production adjustments, as well as a focus on improving operational efficiency. We also expressed gratitude to the hard-working employees who have played a significant role in achieving these impressive results.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ESG reporting for our clients. This reporting provides a comprehensive overview of the environmental impact and performance. By sharing this information with our stakeholders, we hope to foster transparency and accountability, and inspire others to join us in pursuing a more sustainable future.

(*) The calculation is based on a model of the Technical University of Berlin (Energie- und CO2-Bilanz von PCs – Relevanz für reuse Strategies, 2005) and a preparatory European study (Tren / D1 / 40-2005, Lot3, 2007). The model compares the environmental impact and energy consumption of reusing a computer for three years and purchasing a new computer. Emission values for new production, distribution of the new product, operation, reconditioning, transport for reconditioning and recycling are included in the analysis. The calculation was recently (2023) examined and tested by an independent agency against current standards.

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